If we can do these things, why can’t you do? Let us join together to have a better future where equality comes at least in terms of basic amenities.

Deenar Seva Charitable Society

The world we live today is a complex one. In spite of all that the Mother Nature has provided us for our sustenance, human society, for ages, has been divided into the haves and the have-nots. Over the years, we have seen many who are struggling hard to find their bread. We share our food with such people; they need a little of your attention. You may not have time, we feel them and we hold them tightly with us and say “we are a family.”

We often see glimmers of hope here and there, giving us the hope that all is not lost in this world. We have given shelter for more than 100 people within the organization and outside it, tending to their basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. We are happy to say that we are good Samaritans of Kozhikode.

Personal message

“Few years ago, I was on the verge of putting an end to my life, as I had faced numerous of problems in my personal life. But I expressed myself before god and I believe god lies in every human being. When my husband got appointed in Kozhikode Medical College, I had set my mind to dedicate exclusively for the welfare of people. I started looking around. I see world through my eyes, but I see people who are suffering a lot; I see people who do not even have enough food to sustain; I see many people who were left in lurch by their beloveds; I see people who are afflicted with chronic diseases getting no attention.

I set my mind and I set my limitations. Being in my limitation, I have decided to go ahead. I started distributing food initially; I slowly increase the volume, which automatically got me criticism and humiliations from various quarters. I had faced acute financial crisis. But none of these were sufficient enough to put out the fire inside. I fought against all odds that fetched me a strong mind. This was the beginning of Deenarseva Charitable Trust.

Our unconditional services have fetched us many accolades. But beyond this we value testimonials from the beneficiaries like Sunil. We got Sunil from Kozhikode Medical College, who was found abandoned at drainage in Kozhikode Medical College. When we first found Sunil, he was trying to lick a tea cup in a dust bin. We got him Banana bolly and tea. One day we told him that whenever we get a house, we will take you with us. Today, we don’t own a house, but Sunil and six others are with us in our small rented home in Medical College Campus.

If we can do these things, why can’t you do? Let us join together to have a better future where equality comes at least in terms of basic amenities.”